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We are glad you decided to visit our little web nook. is currently hosting a number of java tutorials and source code examples. We also have one tutorial in the XHTML section. Head over to the Resources to see a full listing.

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December 13, 2003
Added a number of alternate stylesheets to the site. If you're running Mozilla, Mozilla Firebird, or (I believe) Netscape 6+, you should be able to see a small icon in the left of the status bar. You can change the stylesheets from there. If you don't see it, or you're running a different browser, you can change it from the stylesheet switching page.

There's also a new, permanent link to the stylesheet switcher at the bottom left of this page. Please note that the stylesheet switcher will not properly function if you have cookies or javascript disabled.

December 02, 2003
There will be no more updates to my foobar plugins. Ever. I will not be uploading new versions. I will not be uploading new code. All the code I have is uploaded. If the code isn't available for a plugin, it's because I no longer have it, for whatever reason. I have no intention of doing any further work on the plugins.

I've uploaded a few tiny Java samples to the Resources section, all released under a BSD-style license (see the individual files for details). - pass it a list of files and/or directories, with an optional list of extensions (for filtering files within the passed directories) and it will count and return the total number of lines.
usage: java CountLines
-f <files>
-d <directories>
-e <valid extensions for directory search> - pass it a directory name and an output name and it will pack a directory into a single file. Optionally indicate that you wish for the original directory to be deleted.
usage: java Archive <inputdirectoryname> <outputfilename> [-delete] - exactly the same functionality as, but writes to standard out instead of to a file.
usage: java arch <inputdirectoryname> [-delete] - Unpacks a file created with
usage: java Dearchive <inputfilename>
options (only one can be used during a specific execution):
<outputdirectoryname> -all
<outputdirectoryname> -exact <filename1, filename2, etc> - exactly the same functionality as, but reads from standard in instead of a file.
usage: java dearch
options (only one can be used during a specific execution):
<outputdirectoryname> -all
<outputdirectoryname> -exact <filename1, filename2, etc>

June 04, 2003
I've added a page with all of the plugins I've written for foobar2000.

January 08, 2003
I can't believe I've let this site sit here for a year with no updates. Well, I've added a couple of things to the Resources:

WinampVolume - a simple program written in C++ that will change the volume of an instance of Winamp 2. Programmable volume, class, and number of attempts. It was originally written for a friend who needed it to control Winamp's volume from the Windows Task Scheduler.

FileHeap - a program written in Java which will copy all file (or all files with specific extensions) from a group of source folders (including subdirectories) into a destination folder. FileHeap will not copy actual directories, nor will FileHeap delete the original files. I wrote it so I could heap media files together from a number of sources with less effort.

I don't know about JTagger anymore. Every so often, I pick it up and start working on it again, but I normally just get bored with it and quit. There are already so many tagging systems out there that it's not really worth the time.

I also found a couple of assembler file in the resources directory. I don't believe that they are linked to from any of the pages, though, so I have no idea why I ever uploaded them. If I get the time, I'll look over them and see if they are worth making available for download.

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